Fighters never quit American Revolution for Freedom and Democracy

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Freedom Fighters don’t take the easy way out

The fighters creed is time honored and true. It applies to those in all arenas. The American Revolution warriors succeeded because they defied the odds.

In the fight to preserve our democracy, we will suffer some setbacks. Yes, they will knock us to the ground, over and over again. Yet, we must have the tenacity, character and determination to get up, over and over again.

There is no such thing as a coincidence. The facts show, things happen when preparation, opportunity and action collide. Meanwhile, in the spiritual sense all things happen according to God’s perfect will.

Meet any challenge you face with optimism. No matter how evil the opposition, or torn your suit of armor, know, in your heart of hearts, you can and will survive. 

Fighters believe in their ability to overcome all odds. That is why fighters never quit. Because they fight, they are more likely to win.

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