Golden Book of people who matter

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Remember Those Who Matter

There is a Golden Book that heralds those who cared enough to become socially significant. It memorializes the first responders who heard the cries of others at risk and rushed in to confront the danger. That Golden Book is imprinted in the hearts and minds of men and women whose lives have been touched by those selfless heroes who dared to make a difference.

Once your name is written in the Golden Book you can rest assured; your living shall not have been in vain. The names written therein resound in hallowed quarters where hope lives and legacies are immortalized. People can take your worldly possessions, but no one can erase your name once it’s written in the Golden Book.

Whether willing to admit it or not, everyone aspires to be recognized. Everyone wants to leave footprints in the sand. Children etch their names in freshly poured concrete so that they might be remembered. Taggers paint their logos on train boxcars, which are transported around the world, in an attempt to commemorate themselves.

People will kill for money; but people will die for recognition

A common robber will murder anyone who stands between he and the loot. Yet, the bank guard will give up his life to protect the unsuspecting. The greed, which threatens our civility, is counterbalanced by the courage, which has made our society great.

No matter how much money you make during the course of your lifetime, you can’t take it with you. The Brink’s truck will not join your funeral procession and follow the hearse to the cemetery. Your heirs will toast to your financial success even as they erase your name from the bank account. Soon it will be as if you never even existed.

However, if you fought to make the world a better place, someone will remember you. When future generations gather to recognize those who’ve made outstanding contributions to society, someone will mention your name. Your money only matters as long as you’re here; but you will forever matter once your name is in the Golden Book.

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