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Nefertiti Gourmet Coffee is a phenomenal taste experience

It is a well known belief that the most perfect coffee comes from Africa! Nefertiti Gourmet Coffee is a premium coffee made of 100% Arabica beans and a “Fair Trade” product.  Our beans are grown in Nairobi on farms of fertile red volcanic soil, on small plateaus that surround Mount Kenya.  These farms are only about ½ acre in size, at altitudes between 4,900 to 6,800 feet above sea level, the ideal for coffee bean growth and flavor.

The Kenyan Coffee Board classifies beans by its size.  Kenyan AA beans are graded the best Arabica bean.  They have a full body and intense flavor with a delicate acidity and a smooth winery flavor.  Kenyan beans are considered by many coffee connoisseurs to be the world’s finest Arabica coffee.  It is certainly one we put on our “taste list” as the Queen of coffee, thus Nefertiti Gourmet Coffee.

The most warming coffee in the world

A good cup of coffee can make every day exciting.

Nefertiti Gourmet Coffee is the brainchild of Dr. Virginia Newman, president and CEO. For years, Dr. Newman was a well-traveled travel agent.  Upon her retirement in 2003, with so much time on hand, Dr. Newman was pondering what she would do next.  She had spent a lot of time reflecting on coffee breaks she had taken with her grandfather as a child. It was a warm and comfortable memory. Dr. Newman thought it only natural that she do something she loved and was passionate concerning. That lead to Nefertiti Gourmet Coffee. 

Dr. Newman got busy searching for all the coffees she had loved as a travel agent. She found those coffee beans in Africa. The rest is history.

Nefertiti Gourmet Coffee roasts African coffee beans locally so that you can have the ultimate coffee experience in your own home! Now you, too, can have the best coffee in the world!  

Nefertitti is available for shipping from Chicago

Contact Information:


P.OBox 17295.

Chicago, illinois 60617


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