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Oculus Rift Headsets Quit Working

All Oculus Rift headsets stopped functioning today, leaving the company scrambling and desperately trying to resolve this embarrassing technical problem.

An expired security certificate made it all but impossible for Rift users to boot up their headset. At least for the time being, the headsets are now just an expensive paperweight.

The defunct software certification is a security measure to ensure that the software you receive actually comes from Oculus.  The headsets will not become functional, once again, until Oculus updates the certificate. The process is complicated by the fact that updating the certificates of current users will block Rift’s standard software update path.

The company’s flagship device snafu has frustrated gamers who are unable to play the titles they’ve purchased.  commercial users of the headset are also similarly affected.

Engadget is suggesting that it might be possible to restore the functionality of your Rift headset by resetting the system clock. However, this might have unintended negative effects. Oculus recommends that users do nothing until the company releases an official fix.