Weaponized Drones

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We Need School School Assist Drones

Rather than armed teachers, we need Armed School Safety Assist Drones (#ASSAD), safely, securely, and strategically positioned in all schools. Those drones could be instantly activated by security professionals, who remotely monitor multiple schools from a central safety facility.  At the first sign of a potential or active shooter, those professionals could manipulate the drones to engage and neutralize the offender.

Drone technology has rapidly advanced beyond the simple hobbyist multi-rotor type. Currently, the US Military uses remote-controlled aerial vehicles for surveillance and assault purposes. That same drone technology could be used in schools to help keep our students, teachers, employees, and administrators safe.

The drones, directed by trusted professionals using video-capable control pads, could be outfitted with a weapon apparatus capable of firing projectiles with the effectiveness of a machine gun or precision of a sniper rifle. Whether lethal or non-lethal, those projectiles could be designed to absolutely disable an attacker. 

The fewer the number of people authorized to use deadly force the better. The #ASSAD system would limit the number of weaponized people within our societies treasured school facilities.

The day to day, moment to moment movement and activity of teachers cannot be anticipated or predicted. Conversely, the location and installation of the drones would be well designed with absolute safety in mind. Thus, unlike the guns potentially carried by teachers, the weapons installed in the drones would be inaccessible.

Not only would #ASSAD, drones in schools system, be safer and more effective, it would be easier, quicker and less expensive to implement. School Districts could share technology insight and other resources.

We often insist that our children are our most valuable asset. We should act like it.  To wit, we should only entrust our school security to security professionals.