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Board of Elections finds Willie Wilson’s giving did not violate campaign laws.

#ThisJustInDr. Wilson Wins 8/0He can continue his philanthropic giving as he continues his race for Mayor of Chicago. City Council resolution 834 is still currently active and was sponsored primarily by Alderman Raymond Lopez (ward 15 South west side)and Alderman Michael Scott JR. (Ward 24 North lawndale) co sponsored by Joseph Moore (ward 49 Rogers Park) and Brenden Reilly (ward 42 downtown). These are the Alderman pushing to charge Dr. Wilson and anyone who received a donation from him with a Class 4 felony. #ToBeAwareIsToBeAlive Moorish Science Temple Of America- Temple #25#ChicagoStreetJournal

Posted by CJ Shaw El on Friday, August 24, 2018

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