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Today, two-term Mayor Rahm Emanuel informed the citizens of Chicago that he would not be seeking a third term. This announcement sent shockwaves throughout the city. People are numbed, stunned and in disbelief. It isn’t every day that a Machine Mayor voluntarily concedes and becomes a Lame Duck.

Regardingthe LaQuan McDonald trial, Rahm was in a no-win position. The focus would have been on what the mayor knew, when he knew it, and what he did in response. The Defense will use the fact that Rahm and CPD bosses did nothing as evidence that Van Dyke had acted properly. The city’s mandatory Pension obligation payments will become due in 2020. Rahm does not have the innovative ability to find new funding to meet that obligation. The CPD sexual abuse scandal would haunt Rahm daily. Obviously, the Chicago murder rate and his inability to arrest murderers would have been a nagging issue, to which he could offer no plausible defense. If Rahm has hopes of serving in a higher capacity, the best thing he could do at this time is remove himself and, as a lame duck Mayor, begin to run against his own Police Department.

Seems as though Rahm has been forced to ride off into the sunset solo. Ideally, a retiring incumbent would like to endorse someone to take their place. One would prefer to be replaced by some loyalist who will protect their legacy.

No ex-mayor wants a successor who constantly bashes them, calls into question the policies they enacted and, for years, blames them for everything that is wrong. So far Rahm has not endorsed anyone. If he were to so endorse, that person would be tainted. They would inherit all of Rahm’s failures and wear the mantle for his scheming benign neglect and trickery.

I wonder what will happen next.

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