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The steady drumbeat of conscious dissent has forced Rahm to announce he will not seek a third term. In and of itself, that is a victory. However, we have to keep up the pressure.

The main reason the killings continue is that Rahm fails to arrest murderers and shooters.

Over the course of the remaining eight months of his term, we must insist that Rahm enact the same best practices that other mayors and police departments, across the country, use to minimize the number of killings. That starts with arresting murderers. 

According to the FBI, the National Average Murder Clearance Rate is 68%. Chicago’s Murder Clearance Rate is only 9%. That means 91% of murderers in Chicago are free to roam the streets and kill again.

Police Departments all over the country solve crimes using Modern Technology. That includes video footage from Public and Private cameras. Police no longer rely upon snitches. It is a cop-out to bail Rahm out by saying it is the fault of the people who will not snitch.

People who live in Chicago are no different than the people who live in the Chicago Suburbs. The rash of killings seems to stop at the Chicago borders. That is because the Mayors and Police in the suburbs are doing their job and fighting Crime.

Rahm is responsible for the killings. People need to stop making excuses for him. Many people ask, “How can anyone stop others from killing and shooting others?” The answer is, The same way they do in cities all across America. Arrest Shooters. Arrest Criminals. Use the available technology effectively, just like other Mayors.

Make him work.

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