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Some people need a Boss

It took me a minute and many conversations to realize some people need a Boss. They don’t want to have to think about things. Plus if all goes wrong, they can comfort themselves with the excuse that they simply did what the boss told them to do.

In this Race for Chicago Mayor, you have lots of people interested in becoming candidates. Some are high profile household names, others are ordinary people who just have an unquenchable desire to exercise Democracy and help to expand the Franchise.

You might think that voters would be delighted. After all of these years of Machine rule and the torch being handed from one selfish politician to another… Finally, a chance for the voters to decide for themselves, without interference from self-appointed leaders, who should govern Chicago.

Instead, many people act as if this new found opportunity is the worst thing that could have happened to them. “

Where are the bosses to raise their voices and force some of these candidates to sit down?” they say. For the good of what no one knows. All they know is that with so many candidates there is much more noise than Chicago is used to. People like peace and quiet. But at what price?

Getting a mayor whose only positive attribute is that they able to outspend and out muscle everyone else?

Chicago is in serious social and fiscal trouble. One thing about having so many candidates is, if we listen, we will hear many different perspectives and points of view. If we scrutinize, one candidate may just emerge as the one with the best ideas and the best plan to save our sick city. One may emerge as the candidate you can vote for with enthusiasm.

Why don’t we try to have an election without Machine Bosses or Grassroot Bosses? Why don’t we give Organic Democracy a chance and see what happens?

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