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About the Campaign

This is the most advanced effort to elect a Chicago City Clerk who will put the needs of the residents and business community first. This well-coordinated Write-In campaign is powered by a broad-based group of ethnically and geographically diverse citizens. In addition to having the most plausible and viable campaign platform, we are bold and energetic. We are the only campaign team offering the average voter some degree of certainty in regards to the 2019 Chicago Municipal election.

Community Empowerment

As City Clerk, I will unify this city by promoting cultural, and diversity sensitivity among people of all races, ages, sexual orientations, and religious persuasions. I will bring Chicago together as one complete community so that all Chicagoans have an equal opportunity to prosper, and proudly embrace their unique distinctions. As City Clerk, I will make sure everyone is treated fairly and none are neglected. We will provide unprecedented support to all people, throughout the entire city, and enable them to follow their dreams.


My highest priority will be to reverse city policies relating to the assessment and collection of fines and fees. I will end the Denver Boot Program and stop the practice of towing cars that are not abandoned. As City Clerk, I will advocate on behalf of people who are unable to pay outstanding parking tickets, red light camera and speed zone camera tickets. My administration will work with the Mayor and Aldermen to establish a Community Service Program that allows residents who are unable to pay their outstanding tickets to satisfy their debt by spending time interacting with our children and Senior Citizens.

As City Clerk, I will reduce the business licencing requirements to make Chicago more business friendly and attractive to pop-ups, start-ups, small to mid-sized businesses, and food trucks. 

I will advocate for adoption of Naming Rights as the eighth form of city revenue to  make certain the city is able to pay it’s pension obligation without raising taxes. 

Additionally, we will use the resources of our office to ensure balanced Economic Development. My goal is to ensure all Chicago businesses have the wherewithal to compete in the National and Global Economy and bring new revenue, jobs, and Industry back to Chicago, Illinois. 

Food Deserts and Job Creation

Ass City Clerk, I will fight to bring a close to Food Deserts. I will advocate for the adoption of an initiative entitled, “Grocers Community Owned and Operated” This Public-Private Partnership would be a local or national Government Funded and Community Driven project which would take four years to complete. Conceivably, this could result in the creation of 20 Big Box Grocery stores, 60 mid-sized Neighborhood Markets, an estimated 5,000 Construction jobs, 20,000 permanent Grocery Store Industry jobs, and 25,000 residual, self-perpetuating, private sector jobs.

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