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William Dock Walls Thanked the many voters who took the time to write in his name for Chicago City Clerk. He also offered thanks to those who helped to spread the word about this unusual, last minute, citywide campaign.

Walls said, “Our abbreviated Write-In Campaign began in earnest on Thursday, February 21st. That was just 5 days before the February 6th election. We began airing radio ads after the Appellate Court refused to reverse the Circuit Court ruling which removed Pat Horton and Betty Ibarra from the ballot. That court affirmed the lower court’s ruling that their votes would not be counted.”

“I spent the day at the Board of Election office submitting requests for information concerning vote totals and at the Board’s Warehouse monitoring as they resolved voting discrepancies” Walls explained. Partial election results are in now. However, the final results will not be known for at least a week

On his facebook page, Dock Walls informed the public that “the Election Board’s Attorney indicated the Board does not intend to apply the Illinois State Statute which clearly mandates that a candidate for City Clerk must receive a majority of the votes cast to be declared elected and avoid a runoff election. [65 ILCS 20/21-5, 20/21-12]. Instead the Board intends to wrongly allow Anna Valencia to avoid a run-off based upon having received a majority of the votes counted.” According to Walls, that standard is clearly not supported by Illinois statute.

This is the first time the Chicago Board of Elections has been confronted with this particular issue.

Walls informed readers that “As soon as we can confirm that Anna Valencia received less than a majority of the votes cast, and the Board’s Attorney emails the their intention to allow her on the ballot based upon this faulty premise, we will file a case requesting a ruling from the Cook County Circuit Court.”

Stay tuned. This will be a case to watch.

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