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Before you fall victim to the Republican Strategy to Discredit John Bolton, Take A Breath. Everything is not about Money. Timing is Everything.

During the Revolutionary War, When Advancing Toward Yorktown, Hamilton ordered the American Soldiers to Remove The Bullets From their Guns. He challenged his troops to sneak up on the British, using only Hand to Hand Combat and Bayonets to eliminate threats along the way. On a Moonless Night, they surprised the British and within 10 minutes forced them to surrender.

Even before the House Impeachment Hearings began, Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate made it clear they were not going to live up to their Constitutional Responsibility to be fair and Impartial. Republicans declared war on Trump’s accusers. No matter what the evidence overwhelming proved, as a united bloc, they were voting to acquit.

In fact, they initially said they would not even hold a trial. Nothing Bolton did then would have changed their minds. The Republican Majority would have put him on the stand Vilified and Destroyed him.

As Bolton has consistently explained, his testimony would have been limited to the scope of the Impeachment Charges. The expansive subjects he covers, the incidents he documents, and the evidence he methodically presents, in his “Tell All” book could not have been adequately and thoroughly presented in a Republican controlled Senate Trial. This book has the potential to do what no Impeachment Hearing or Senate Trial could do: Indisputably show how weak and pitiful the Impeached, Petty, Donald J. Trump truly is.

Be Patient. Sneak attack strategies still work. Bolton and his book will reveal how unhinged Trump truly is. And may cause him to lose the Race for President.

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