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Trump is deploying Federal Police to Occupy Chicago, and there is nothing the Mayor can do to stop it. 

This is what happens when you let violence spiral out of control. Chicago has failed to use available technology and other resources to identify and arrest shooters. Thus, Trump saw an opportunity to flex his Federal muscle and send in subversive Para Military forces.

Those Federal Police should not be allowed to operate independently, they should be integrated into the Chicago Police rank and file, they should be required to wear body cams, they should have clearly visible name badges and an ID number, they should not be allowed to kidnap people and place them in unmarked vans; they should not be outfitted with military grade weapons; and, lastly, they should not be allowed to use Tear Gas.

I hope the Mayor negotiated an Exit Strategy. This should be a limited trial with a plan, clearly delineated goals, and benchmarks.

Win, Lose, or Draw, those Occupying Federal Agents should be required to withdraw on a date certain. 

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