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President Donald Trump insisted that he had not been hospitalized for ‘mini strokes, despite an emergency trip to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Political opponents are questioning Trump’s ability to effectively perform the presidential duties. Fueling the discussion is the fact that Trump is having difficulty walking and even drinking water. Concerned people ask: How can Trump lead the country if he is physically and mentally impaired?

The Trump campaign has attempted to make cognitive function a main concern. Trump supporters have repeatedly sought to undermine Joe Biden by questioning his mental fitness. However, Biden is in excellent physical shape and shows no signs of mental decline.

Recently Trump bragged that he “aced” a Cognitive test. This test was the type administered to persons suspected of having dementia. Trump said he was able to answer one of the most difficult Recall questions. According to Trump, when asked he was able to respond “Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV.”

Trump’s health is center stage again this week. This new round of questions were prompted by a recently released book by New York Times correspondent Michael Schmidt. He insists Vice President Mike Pence was put on standby as the President was rushed to the hospital.

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