Texas Republican was recruited to cast his electoral vote against Donald Trump


Art Sisneros had a plan when he signed up to be a Republican elector from Texas: “causing chaos.” A self-described member of the “liberty movement,” Sisneros says he was recruited precisely to cast his electoral vote against Donald Trump. He told POLITICO he considered casting his electors vote for Trump’s running mate Mike Pence, a creative way to subvert the process while still fulfilling the oath he took to support the “Trump-Pence” ticket. But he shelved the plan when other like-minded elector candidates failed to win GOP seats.

Part of his effort, he said, was to highlight the fact that the Electoral College has been reduced to “rubber-stamping” the popular vote rather than its original intent: the body constitutionally charged with selecting presidential candidates in the first place.

Art has publicly stated that “I could not in good conscience vote for Trump on Tuesday (Nov. 8th).”

In conclusion, Art says ” It seems clear to me that God both calls me to vote and directs me to only vote for men who fear Him and are just according to God’s law. He doesn’t expect or allow me to add to his qualifications and seek for perfection. He also doesn’t hold me accountable for all the sins that these qualified men commit once in office. He does, however, give me clear commands for who is qualified and expects me to be obedient with my calling as a voter. Therefore, I can not in good conscience vote for Donald Trump for President. The lingering question that remains is: what does that mean for my role as Republican Presidential Elector? That is the topic for another article.”